Our Services

Our Arkansas office offers a number of services:

  • Process service: Our court-approved process servers are committed to ensuring that your documents are served in a timely and accurate fashion. Our professional process servers take classes and training to ensure that they follow all laws and guidelines to provide you with the highest quality service.
  • Private Investigation Services: Our team can take on your disability cases, asset searches, domestic investigations, and other private investigation needs. Call our investigative team today to discuss your investigation needs. We now offer lake investigations any where in the state.
  • Document Retrieval Services: Our staff can visit any court in Arkansas to ensure that you get the documents you need. Our service aims to save you the time and effort it can take to visit courts in person.
  • Courier Services: We can deliver and pick up documents anywhere in Arkansas. Call us today to find out about our competitive rates.
  • Background Check Services: If you need to know more about any individual or entity, our professional criminal, civil, and asset background checks can help you get the facts you need.
  • Document Preparation Services: If you need help preparing subpoenas or case filings, we can handle this task as well as process service.
  • Medical Review and Consulting: The review and analysis of medical malpractice cases.
Contact us today to discuss your needs. We are always happy to help you with a wide range of services and solutions designed to make your life easier.